Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

"Barn" - a original story by Bentley Brooke

Enjoy this original tale by none other than our 2 1/2-year-old daughter, Bentley Brooke. After she says it's the end, she decides to write a sequel on the spot. However, be forewarned that the sequel is rated PG, due to the amount of potty talk.

After filming, I asked Bentley what she titled her story, she said, "Barn".

Sunday, March 20, 2011

just one of those days

Good thing Bentley and I know how to laugh.

Friday, March 18, 2011

"Buster's Birthday" - the musical tribute

Drew (husband, brother-in-law to Josh) - guitar, musical composer
Adrianne (Sis-in-law to me) - egg shaker, tambourine, vocals
Me (Lindsay) - songwriter, rattlesnake shaker thing, vocals
Adrianne's boyfriend, Derek (not featured in video) - main songwriter

Because I forgot to record us live during Josh's party, Adrianne came over to help us recreate it. Just imagine us with spotlights and Josh's occasional laugh and grin. I vividly remember turning to him several times during our live performance and singing directly to him. Love that brother of mine.

Buster’s Birthday Song
to the tune of “Come Together” by the Beatles

At Curtis High School he was, quite the actor,
He got airsoft street cred as a, lethal factor,
He got Aqua Tigers below his knees,
But since he gets lost skiing he may still almost freeze,

He’ll sell you boxers while he, sings you Elvis,
He loves, Michael Jackson, so he, moves his pelvis,
Loves cliff jumping, eats his teriyaki,
Just don’t ask him for car rides ‘cause zip cars have a fee.
Buster’s Birthday’s right now, He’s 30!

He loves his Guinness and lives in Pike Place Market
But he changes apartments, like sis changes diapers.
Forget Tacoma, give me Seattle please
Goes south only for nieces and for his mommy
Buster’s Birthday’s right now, He’s 30!

He’s worked the Grill & Brasa, Home Depot, Indochine and
Pike Street Johnny Rocket’s, three days at Krispy Kreme
Ran youth programs at UPPC
Brought teenagers to Jesus in suspenders bright green
Buster’s Birthday’s right now, He’s 30!

He drove the Buick and a, Rambler Classic,
He abandoned Jetta, window cover’d in plastic,
He’s still a legend, at Trinity,
Got to be good looking even though he’s 30,
Buster’s Birthday’s right now,
Buster’s Birthday’s right now,
Buster’s Birthday’s right now,
Let’s party!

*You probably hear me yell, "Bentley" in the middle of the video. Let's just say that we had to record this while Emery was swinging in her swing, and Bentley was footloose and fancy free until she tried to climb into the swing too.

He's 30.

The year my brother turned 29, I knew I wanted to be the one to throw a thirtieth birthday party for him. I knew it didn't have to necessarily wow aesthetically, I actually cared more that it wowed in the "I feel loved" department.

I contacted people from past and present who I knew would want to show Josh they love him by their presence at the shindig. We had a dear "cousin" Scottie fly from Georgia to join us for the festivities. A mentor of Josh's growing up came with his wife. Josh's college roommate made the trek from Seattle with his pregnant wife to show birthday love. Lots of his friends from his high school theater days came out to celebrate too. Our "other parents" came and represented the full Roberts/Zdunek clan.

We rented the Shakabrah Coffee House and Eatery, owned by some friends of ours and elders of our church body, SOMA. It was a perfect locale with a small stage, lights and a great selection of beer, wine, and espresso along with a great menu.

If I were to sum up the evening in bullet points, it would be as follows... Bud Light. Red wine. Mom's epic roast and toast. Musical tribute. (see video and lyrics). Bentley's sparkly birthday shoes. 2 1/2 year old rendition of Sweet Caroline. Favorite Things. Joshua trivia. Old friends and new.

Birthday love.


the sparkly shoes

After-Party at the Crown Bar on 6th Ave.

For more photos from the evening click here.

Celebrating St. Paddy's at the South J Pub & Brewery

We wanted to get to know some of our neighbors more and so we hosted, along with friends, a St. Patrick's Day Party at our home last night. With the help of authentic appetizers and a selection of unique beers for beer tasting, we transformed our humble home into the South J Pub & Brewery. In addition, thanks to our amazing neighbor girls, we were able to offer babysitting at our home upstairs for anyone with kids.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jesus Loves Me

We have this jazzed up CD of "Christian" music and Bentley LOVES it. Sometimes to my chagrin. However, what could melt your heart more than your child singing Jesus Loves Me?

Also note her Bed Head. Sometimes when I suggest we put it in a ponytail, she says no, "I wan to shake," meaning she wants to shake her hair with the music. Oh, my little dramatic dancer.

Here is another video from this morning. Bentley also likes the "Christian-ized" version of "Happy and You Know It." Please note that all of her hand motions are her own creation. (Also, I would like everyone to know that I did tend to the crying baby sister during and after we videotaped Bentley. :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

you've officially entered motherhood when...

You can nurse your newborn and put your toddler in timeout at the same time.

You don't really care if someone notices you've worn the same outfit two days in a row... and that the outfit is milk and snot-stained.

It becomes a rarity to drive in the car by yourself; and when you do, you forget that you can't use the carpool lane.

Your home is full of babies.

You have to explain to someone holding your newborn that the stain on her outfit is not poop, but rather spaghetti sauce. You were so hungry, you decided to attempt taking a bite while holding her crying.

You do laundry every other day, and it's not yours.

When a quiet dinner at home means the vacuum is upright and on in the hallway.

Baby shampoo becomes a permanent fixture near your kitchen sink.

You continually stub your toe on the bassinet next to the bed in your room.

You're not the only one who has a diaper bag.

The term "picnic" can sometimes be defined by sitting in your parked car in a truck stop restaurant parking lot, nursing your newborn while your toddler eats a pb&j and in her car seat.

...and sometimes when they're both crying, you want to cry too.

Monday, March 14, 2011

visiting the Local

It's my brother's 30th birthday today. We organized a large shindiggy for him this last Saturday (blog post of that to follow), but sometimes it is nice to actually get to celebrate the day of... however, he had to work today. So, my aunt and I made the trek to Seattle with the girls to continue the celebration at Local 360 where he is the bar manager.

I couldn't resist taking the camera.

Although the 21 and over bar kept Bentley from running to greet her Uncle Josh every five minutes, she had a great view of him that kept her quite entertained.

Peanut Butter Bon Bons and a side of milk.

Braised kale.

My local cola, with grenadine... yum!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

painting with alice

While my mom was cleaning a few things out of her home, she came across this watercolor set. She called me and asked me if I wanted it. It wasn't until she brought it over that I realized it wasn't some leftover plastic watercolor set from my childhood, but this beautifully illustrated tin set from my mothers. I love that now the third generation gets to enjoy it.

Monday, March 7, 2011


This morning Bentley joined Emery for her tummy/floor time.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

3 friends and 3 babies in January

Myself, along with two of my dear friends, Sondra and Kathy (respectively after me in the photo below), all happened to get pregnant around the same time. So close to the same time in fact, we even had due dates in January within a week of each other! Sondra and Kathy both already had two boys each, and with Drew and I already having Bentley, we were anxiously texting each other after each 20 week anatomy appointment. First Sondra... another boy. Then me... another girl. Then Kathy... another boy! (The photo below was taken the first week of January)

And here they are, born all within one week!
Pearce Quinn, born January 21 (Sondra's son)
Emery Anne, born January 25
Gavin William, born January 28 (Kathy's son)

the big sister

The jealousy of the big sister that people, magazines, blogs, etc, cautioned me about, I recently witnessed emerge from Bentley. In the last two days, once Emery even makes the slightest noise like a cry, Bentley positions herself between Emery and I in the room, looks up at me, her arms up-stretched, saying "Mommy, get up, please." Even, glancing back at Emery and then back to me. I pick Bentley up, tell her I love her, and then gently let her know that I need to take care of Emery too. It makes me wonder what I was like when little Joshy showed up in my life...