Friday, November 27, 2009

photos with mommy

It is rare when I get a good photo of Bentley and me. So here are a few taken by my lovely husband and Bentley's dada, Drew.

I crave and savor these rare Bentley hugs.

Bentley Live from University Place

Bentley and her rocking chair at Grandma Diane's home. I remember loving this rocking chair as a kiddo. At one point she does an Evil Knevil surfing move on it.

Bentley often thinks that the remote control is also a telephone.

a talking little munchkin

I was told many times that once Bentley started saying words, it would just start flowing. People weren't kidding! I decided to compile a list of words that Bentley is now saying. These words she has said several times. She will repeat other words now as we say them (just yesterday she said "purple" pur-peh)

bye (with a southern flare)
uh oh
pancake (puh-cake)
up down
(she does this when the 'up down' part comes on on her "Wheels on the Bus" song.
(comes out more like "butt")
all done
(She hardly signs "all done" anymore but now says it instead)
(and she says this as though it is very dangerous -sort of like a drawn-out whisper and shakes her hands and scrunches her face, then she proceeds to blow on her food or whatever it is that is "hot")

It is pure joy to listen and watch her interact with us and others in this new way of communication. She still likes to sign with me and often brings me some bird-like creature (from a rooster to a penguin) walks it up to me, and signs bird with her index finger and thumb so delicately touching together and apart next to her mouth. These learning moments are precious to me as I am amazed at how she can distinguish birds from other creatures. She will even sign bird when she sees a flamingo in her book - this is all without my prompting. I delight in her excitement at hearing or seeing an airplane to which she enthusiastically signs airplane.

Two days ago she was doing something naughty (I don't remember what now), but I told her no and she kicked her legs a bit as I picked her up away from what she wasn't supposed to be getting into. She then, almost mid-tantrum, leaned up to kiss me. I started smiling inside because I realized that when she does get in trouble, we talk about it (briefly) and then give each other hugs and/or kisses. I think she went straight for the kiss so she could get down and play again. ha.

And this little Bentley Brooke tidbit from Grandma Diane:
"A few days ago, Grandma Diane was babysitting Bentley at her home. Around 5 pm, Bentley handed her a folded-up cloth. It was Bentley’s old bib from lunch that she had retrieved from the dirty clothes basket and she was letting Grandma know she was ready for dinner. How smart was that??!!"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ni-Night Baby

Just a moment ago Bentley walked up to me and signed "Tired" or "Night Night" as we call it. I asked her if she needed a nap, and instead she pointed to her baby doll which she had laid on the ground. I was cracking up. So we got a blanket for her baby and laid it over her.