Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas time [was] here...

Giggle, scream, cooing and ahhing... Bentley woke us up Christmas morning at about 8am. We went out as a family to the tree together to see what Santa brought. She immediately took a few toy blocks and put them in her mouth, a sign of love for sure. They were a "peak" as we say in my family. She also received a little easel with one chalkboard side and one whiteboard side. This will most likely be used with adult supervision :)

After our little family Christmas, we went over to Drew's parent's home to celebrate there. I am not sure what to call it, but from Cliff and Kelly she got this play area that she can stand up in and learn to entertain herself. Drew painstakingly put it together, just the beginning of many future fatherhood duties like this. Her auntie Adrianne crocheted a beautiful hat and scarf set just Bentley-size.

Uncle Josh surprised her with a cherry red Radio Flyer wagon which now holds her stuffed animals and Grandma Diane sewed her a quilt which she said it would have to go for $5000 before she ever did it again! It was a joy to watch Bentley experiencing Christmas for the first time. It feels as though you experience it anew too.

From her great grandparents, she gladly "accepted" a check which will go into her own little savings account.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Carjackers play darts with icicles

Drew should consider hustling for a living. Seriously, he could be one of those guys on the streets of NYC with a dart and a dartboard and bet people he could beat them - even let them throw the dart first and then use the very same dart and wham! insta-money making scheme. No strings attached, no darts up his sleeve.

Last night after Bentley went to sleep and our friends went home for the evening, Drew and I put on our snow gear. Because of the snow cover, any light available illuminated the neighborhood even more. Setting the baby monitor on the porch, we first created our snowman, outfitted with nice gangly arms from twigs, a smaller twig nose and dirt clog "dyed" eyes. Because of the lack of the compact-quality of the snow, ours was a "mini-me" version of Frosty.

From here, we gathered up icicles hanging from the bottom of our neighbor's cars, drew a target on our car window in snow. Drew tried to warn me of his abilities, but I didn't heed. He quickly wasted me in our game of icicle darts. Our neighbor was out on his porch and asked us what the hell we were doing. He works super early in the morning and thought we were breaking into cars as we carefully chose our dart-cicles. He just laughed at us. I then HAD to make a snow angel before going inside and then this erupted in a near white-washing of my face by my husband and we threw snowballs at each other all the way back to the porch. I highly recommend playing in the snow any time after midnight.

Our home in the snow

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Feed the Guitar

Okay, so I mostly post Bentley's milestones on this blog, however it IS entitled "WEBSTER life" which would denote that it also includes Drew and me. So, Saturday night, we dropped Bentley off at my mom's home so Drew and I could help support this event we have been promoting for our friend, Aaron Spiro, called "Feed the Guitar". Aaron is an incredibly gifted guitarist and vocalist, however with the way the economy is lately, to try and pursue your musical talents when you have a family of four to feed, is financially hard to rationalize. (Aaron is a gracious and generous person with his musical gift, he even played at our wedding. I felt so honored!) So, to help to finalize production of two albums he is working on, we created this evening where people could come and donate as they felt called. Our friends got people to donate drinks and appetizers, decorate the space and I created the flyer and handled the marketing.

Drew and his friend, Eric, opened the evening spinning Drum n' Bass music, while everyone trickled in throwing cash and checks into an open guitar at the entrance.

With small candles illuminating the cozy space, white lights danced up the microphone to Aaron's deeply moving voice and layered guitar. During one piece, while the audience remained captivated, our mouths actually opened with awe, when he began to loop not only his vocals, guitar, and drum he beat, but he raised a beer, consumed a sip and proceeded to wail on the bottle with a drumstick grabbing the microphone and hunching down in rhythm to make sure the sound it was making registered. All of this seeming cacophony caused audience hollers and whistles, but resulted in an orchestral arrangement over which his vocals nosily, but in celebratory fashion reigned; like a stampede of music. In just 90 minutes the cozy space was transformed. Aaron's daughter Lily, nodded her head to her father's music while her little sister Manna danced in front of the door watching the fresh snow falling outside. At the conclusion of Aaron's ending song, Drew yelled and whistled "Encore Encore" several times to a standing ovation to which Aaron had to give in and perform a final piece; a self-created arrangement of the Lord's Prayer. It slowly swayed us into an impromptu layering and looping performance where Aaron again (all live) recorded himself playing the guitar, smacking the strings, the drum and even the music stand, then finally leading us into an emotional, but praise-filled finale.
photo by: Kevin Parker, friend

At the end of the evening, while people were saying goodbye, Matt and I snuck up to Aaron, our arms filled with the donations from people who love him and appreciate his gift. Matt asked him what the amount was that he actually needed. He then told Aaron it was the exact amount that we had received that night! And it was the same amount that I was hoping we would raise for him without even knowing what he needed. God is good!!! And his people were faithful and obedient. Aaron and his wife Stephanie felt incredibly blessed. Praise God.

Bentley's First Snow

It snowed in Tacoma last night and it lasted until morning! So, of course, we had to take Bentley out in the snow! We bundled her up like Ralphie's little brother in The Christmas Story and headed outside - we had to take advantage of the snow, since this IS Tacoma, and you never know how long it's going to last. (In these videos, we are at Drew's parent's home in South Hill.) enjoy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bentley's Christmas Outfit

We had Christmas with Drew's mom's family and here is Bentley, in full Christmas spirit. I just LOVE her smiles and giggles! She loves the radio, I will sway her in front of it and she will shake her arms and legs and smile while looking at the radio and listening to the music :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Food... Glorious Food..."

Since Bentley is 4 months now and continues to be in the 95 percentile, her pediatrician said we could start her on rice cereal/baby oatmeal. Sooo... we tried it! Here is a video of Bentley's first meal besides milk and oh yeah, her gas medicine :) Enjoy the process as we learn how to feed a baby and Bentley learns to eat the oatmeal and not the spoon... or the bowl.
(The photos are from Bentley's second meal where dad got to feed her).

Monday, December 8, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Below is a video of our Christmas Tree Farm experience!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Griswold, I mean Webster, Family Christmas

We went to Snowshoe Tree Farm in Orting to get our first family Christmas tree! Bentley enjoyed grabbing at the limbs and discovering the texture while I had a chai tea - yum! We met Drew's parents and Adrianne and Ryan there too.

We just drove up! She insisted on trying to eat the Baby Bjorn carrier

Here is our tree! Just the right size.. a little "Charlie Brown" in places, but it has character.

The Webster Family

Hello world

Monday, December 1, 2008

miss bubbles

Bentley loves seeing and hearing herself blow bubbles. Enjoy the little video.