Sunday, September 28, 2008

Daddy look-a-like?

Just in case you were all wondering who Bentley might look like. Here are newborn photos of Drew and me, as well as our siblings with one of Bentley. (If you click on each photo, they will get larger, just be sure to hit the back button to go back to the blog) Decide for yourself!

Baby Bentley

Baby Drew

Baby Lindsay

Baby Uncle Josh

Baby Auntie Adrianne


Bentley's first day in Seattle

Grandma Diane, Uncle Josh and I took Bentley to Seattle for a day. We went to the Seattle Art Museum, saw a crazy installation by a chinese artist that made use of about 7 white Ford Tauruses, ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, grabbed a Starbucks and then took a ride on the Ducks (a touristy tour of Seattle on 'ducks', vehicles that travel on both land and water). Josh carried her in the Baby Bjorn for a lot of the time and definitely made his little niece smile.

This is an installation by my UPS sculpture professor, Michael Johnson. We were his first class at UPS when he moved from Delaware. These pieces are called, "Next Move", "Final Move" and "Your Move". They represent chess-like pieces and are constructed out of wood.

The Hammerman outside the Seattle Art Museum

Mom, me and Bentley in front of the SAM

Bentley with Uncle Josh outside Starbucks.

We took the monorail to the Seattle Center to ride the Ducks. Josh was making Bentley smile while we waited.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fred Meyer dressing room,
I swear it wasn't me

Yesterday, I took Bentley into the dressing room while I was trying on clothes. I was the first one in the dressing room and a few ladies came in later. I debated whether or not to change her diaper, and then whether or not to feed her. I suddenly realized I was probably not the first mom to ever nurse, then change their child in a dressing room. As I was about to pull off the first tab of her diaper, it came... rumbling, rumbling, gurggling poo. Not just once, but twice. I tried to listen for snickering from other stalls but before I could really start to care, the stench came. Oh my word! This was the first and probably not the last time Bentley will embarrass me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

oh no!

Bentley has ditched the pacifier and favors her fist! As I finished the last post, she pushed her binky out and shoved her fist right in her mouth.... oh goodness... apparently, my husband was a big thumb sucker, I don't want to have to try and break her of that habit when she is a toddler... we'll see!

little miss personality

So, baby girl is quite the free spirit. She refuses to be restrained. If I put her in her car seat, she needs to be asleep, otherwise, she will puff up her chest so I can't buckle her in, and she will writhe and wiggle and grunt at me. I try and list all the safety reasons why I have to buckle her in, but she doesn't seem to care. She needs her limbs free. She loves to kick her legs wildly and toss her arms around as she plays on her back and squeals and "talks" to me. She will be great at making snowangels someday the way she lays with her limbs all spreadeagle, again, seeking freedom.

She is also quite strong, she will hold onto my shirt so tight, her little fingers turn white. She will also push her legs against Drew and me to get into a standing position. She rarely lays her head against my chest anymore, instead she would rather lift it up to look out the window or at me.

Poor thing gets just as startled as I do. She fliches wildly whenever there is a loud or unexpected noise. Her arms flail to her sides and her eyes open super wide and frantically look around her.

Can't wait until she reveals more to us! I look forward to learning who she is.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Auntie Adrianne

We went over to my in-laws home to celebrate Adrianne's and my bday and Bentley gave Auntie Adrianne MANY smiles and squeaks! I took a video, but I guess it was having trouble uploading, so here is a pic of the two of them. I wanted to take this photo because one of my favorite photos of me as a baby is one of me on my grandpa's lap clapping hands with him. Watching Adrianne with Bentley made me think of that photo, so I had to capture the moment.

little version of daddy

So many people have told us that Bentley looks like Drew. Sometimes I even feel like I am caring for a baby Drew :) I actually bought her this little blue onesie to tell Drew I was pregnant. I bought a blue one even though I wanted to buy a pink one, because I secretly wanted a little girl. I wrapped it up and gave it to Drew as a 'belated birthday gift' or that's what I told him. He unwrapped it, held it up and said, "What's this?" I just kept looking at him and smiling, and he finally said, "Oh crap..." ha! He had to pace quite a bit, but I convinced him that night to go to Borders and look at baby name books... though he was still unsure of this whole parent thing so early in our marriage, I couldn't have picked a better husband to be a better dad :) He loves having his two women at home, he calls us, "My Girls".

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

all smiles!

Bentley is responsive smiling now! Just a few days ago, Drew was talking to her in her crib and she was looking up at him and smiling SO big. (see picture!) Just a day before that, her uncle Josh was bouncing her on his lap and she was all smiles! She even gives me a smile every once in awhile when I talk to her.

Friday, September 5, 2008

One Month and 11 Pounds!

Bentley is one month old today! I took her with some friends to the Puyallup Fair for her 'birthday.' I dressed her in a jacket her Uncle Josh gave her since I was worried about her getting sunburnt, I wanted her good and covered up, but not too hot. She went to the doctor this morning as well and weighed in at 11 pounds! The nurse said children gain between 1-3 pounds in the first 2 months, and well, Bentley has gained almost 3 pounds in the first month!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008



About six of my former students came by to visit baby girl and she managed to do one of her rumbly toots on one, pee on another and smile smile and smile for another one.

Grunts, Squeaks and Sighs oh my...

She is quite verbal now, her favorite being grunting noises, and not just when she is trying to go "No. 2". I also love her little sighs as she falls asleep. She squeaks sometimes in such a way that I swear she is laughing! She lets out a few squeaks while she smiles... I just adore this and wish I could capture it on our movie camera somehow.