Monday, April 2, 2012

"Faith and Other Flat Tires"

Saturday evening, my friend Andrea was in town from Austin, TX, to read from her new book, "Faith and Other Flat Tires." I am currently in the middle of it, devouring it, despite screaming kiddos and a migraine. I cannot stop reading. I am enjoying her complete candor as she recalls and recites vignettes from her journey of faith.

I completely recommend it.

And I haven't even finished reading it.

You can actually order it from Amazon here or ask for it in your local bookstore.  They can always order it for you.

It was so good to reconnect with her, even for a short time. It reminded me of what a dear friend I count her to be.  She was a kind and wise ear for me during a hard time in my life, driving home with me, side by side on what would have been the day of my wedding... and then we got a speeding ticket. :)

Love her.

I love ya, tomorrow!

My friend Melissa and I took our girls to go see the production of Annie Jr. (the entire cast was comprised of only 6-18 year-olds).  We had front row seats and the stage was at an ideal height for the girls to be completely enraptured.  My pregnant self was teary-eyed as I gazed at Bentley enjoying the show, soaking up my mother-daughter evening with her.

During intermission both girls danced freely as though they were the in-between act entertainment.  After the show, Bentley was not shy about belting out her rendition of "Tomorrow," including even the subtle octave change.

The evening was magical.

First, we went to Hello Cupcake...