Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Simon comes to visit

The following photos just prove all the more that Bentley is a social butterfly! My friend, Vanessa, had her son Simon about two months after Bentley was born. Vanessa and I are childhood friends, so it is especially fun to have kids to close together! We had yet to 'document' their first meeting. But this one I think is the most memorable! Simon was such a good sport. Bentley was super excited to have him come over. Drew will need to talk to Bentley about her "forwardness" towards boys.
(Warning - I went a little nuts with the amount of photos - I just couldn't resist these cuties!)

I love how they seem posed in this one.

"It's so fun - another little person!"

I love you this much!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bentley Giggling

We finally caught Bentley's giggle on camera! Our neighbor kid, Cameron came over so Drew could help him with his Cub Scout Pinewood Derby car. While over, Cameron showed Bentley a paper plane and she thought he was hilarious!

Auntie Ado visits!

Auntie Adrianne visited Bentley today. Bentley greeted her with squeals, smiles and hair tugs. She was doing her tummy time so Adrianne could see if she rolled over. Instead, Bentley would smile and then lean into Adrianne. It was so cute! Here are a few pics:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby Food Intimidation

I did it! I actually made baby food from scratch for Bentley! I was super-intimidated at first, but it really wasn't too hard at all. Just a little steaming, perhaps some peeling, blending... and voila! Instant homemade baby food... and much cheaper! I had saved the containers from some I had purchased to start us off with, plus I had some trays specifically for this purpose given to me by my mother-in-law. Amazing! Here is a pic of my endeavors... yes, I had to stage it, I was super-proud of my feat! I don't call myself a cook quite yet, but I am learning, so this was a HUGE step for me! (there were several more containers in the freezer. Peas, zuchinni and pears, oh my!

Bentley tried eating the zucchini and pears today. Pears are for sure a favorite. And zucchini, well, I think she liked laughing and smiling with her dad more than anticipating a bite of zuchinni.

Why Christians Get a Bad Name...

... from lame things like this:

"Give these vinyl foam-filled footballs as door prizes at your next church event! A sporty favorite for Sunday School, these 4" inspirational footballs have scenes from the Bible. They work for a variety of outdoor games and athletic activities. © OTC
only $9.99/dozen"

...and why people think we know nothing about art or design...

oh yeah and Thomas Kinkade... sorry to anyone who likes his work. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate his ability to paint, but I hope heaven looks a LOT different than little cottages by streams with 'realistic' lights.

got on my soapbox a bit :)

I am 7 months today!

Check out my photo shoot...

Check out my teeth...

And I'm spent...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bouncing Baby

In the last few weeks, Bentley has really taken to bouncing in her exersaucer. I think it is a crack up. Probably the beginning of those sweet dance moves in the earlier post. :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bentley's Dance Moves

A little Breakdancer?

And Bentley attempts the "Worm"
(We were trying to catch her on tape rolling over, but it turned into this new dance move that she had never done before!)