Friday, October 29, 2010

alice... in wonderland.

We snapped a family portrait on the way to Bentley's Preschool Fall Festival

Drew as the Mad Hatter, Bentley as Alice and me as Tweedle Dee (Oh if only my arms were long enough to show you my belly! More photos to come, don't worry)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

introducing miss alice...

Here is the fashion run down:

- Blue dress courtesy of our neighbor girls who went as Alice in Wonderland when they were little girls
- White apron sewn by me from a window valance thanks to Bargain World
- Headband fashioned together from pieces I found at JoAnn's fabric store
- Cable-knit tights from Christmas last year thanks to Grammy
- Mary Jane shoes (not pictured) from a spontaneous purchase for Bentley's 2-year birthday.

... Drew's and my costumes to come.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

costume making madness

See if you can figure out our family costume theme this year.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


just the two of us before the three of us become four of us.

Monday, October 18, 2010

'pickles' by Bentley

Bentley brought me this drawing just now and said, "Happy Birthday!" (She thinks every time you give someone something it is for their birthday - we have been to a lot of birthday parties recently.)

I asked her what she drew and she said, "pickles".

She then pretended to grab them off the paper and put them in her mouth.

Her papa would be proud.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's just a rake.

Our rake was just stolen by some guy that stopped in front of our house on a bike, donning a helmet with mine light, boxers and something strapped to his hip. He started marching around our front yard yelling militantly, "Attention 4127!!!!" (our home number). He came up to the porch, pounded the butt of the rake on our steps, repeating his exclamation. Then, seemingly unsatisfied, took off on his bike with our rake.

I love Tacoma. ha.

a hot mess

If something is going to be good, it must first come from a mess. (So apparently is my unofficial motto). Adam was made from dirt. Masterpieces are created from nothing but massive amounts of mixed pigment. Even the way a baby makes its way into the world. All a mess.

and God makes messes beautiful.

I am reminded of this beauty in my messy quest to make pumpkin bread. A beautiful aroma and taste comes at the cost of my unnecessary use of one too many bowls, pumpkin bread mixture causalities dolloped on my kitchen floor as well as excessive amounts of flour that make it to nearly every findable crevice in my kitchen.

According to my track record, whether it be painting, silkscreening, sewing, organizing or baking endeavors; even the construction of a simple pb&j sandwich for lunch, it first requires a mess. Thank you, trusty refrigerator memorabilia, for reminding me that indeed, beauty often arises out of such a mess.

Sick day for mommy means...

...indoor craft day for Bentley.

Fingerprinting with non-toxic inks... just not water-based inks (a LOT of our day has been spent hand washing in-between projects and changing clothes, as you will see.)

Homemade playdough time. Bentley chose the color, "Blue, green, more blue, green" so this is what we came up with. The recipe I found for our playdough is from here.

This is a ball. We also made horses, houses and a pizza. To which she took a slice over to her Jesus Storybook Bible and gave Jesus a piece. She made munching noises for Him.

Handmade puppets out of paper sacks - a classic.

"I see you Mommy"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

evening at home with the hubby

Our double date night to the Sounders game transformed into date night at home complete with tea, scrabble, hand sanitizer and a healing bowl of ice cream.

My "common cold" stopped being so common and morphed into sore throat, cough and slight fever, which has also resulted in the taking of my voice, to which Bentley consistently comments, "Mommy, sick? sick?" "I kiss it." (and pulls my forehead to her lips). Love that girl.

Friday, October 8, 2010

the dahlias

just one of two bouquets courtesy of Foxberry Farm in the homemade vase from my fellow art major friend, Heather... a gift in college.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

foxberry farms

an outing to foxberry farms resulted in raspberry-stained hands, freshly picked tomatoes, bunches of grapes off the vine and autumn bouquets of dahlias.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a nod to martha...

...stewart that is.

In preparation for the Halloween season, Bentley and I ventured to the Dollar Store to find the following items:

bag of 8 snakes - $1
bag of 'other' insects (the centipede caught my eye) - $1
medium wicker wreath - $1
6 foot leaf garland - $1
green floral wire - $1

and then onto a quick stop at Home Depot for satin black spray paint - $4 (I plan to use it more, oh, much more.)

Using my trusty mini hot glue gun and naptime hours, I constructed the infamous wreath.

While Martha's version didn't have leaves, my puny wicker wreath seemed like it needed a bit more bulk.

Now, when we get home from outings, Bentley consistently points to it and enthusiastically says, "Snakes!"

a moment.

As I left at 6:15 tonight to go to a preschool board meeting, I also left my first-born daughter crying out for me, while her father consoled her. To those red cheeks, tears and reaching arms, I said, "I love you, goodbye my lovely," and shut the door.

I then came home at the tail end of bedtime, in just enough time to go in after daddy and give last kisses and goodnights. As I get up to leave, she touches my face and says, "lay down, mommy lay down." I lay my head next to hers for just a moment (I love those soft curls of hair and sweet hand on my cheek), but then rise and tell her that it is bedtime and she needs to stay in bed.

A few minutes later the door creaks open and I see my daughter staring out at me. I guide her by the back of that curly blonde head and tuck her into bed again. She asks me again to lay down, I use my consistent discipline tactics as I tell her that no, it is time for bed and that we can snuggle in the morning.

As I leave and wait for her to sleep, I remember that sweet request and wish I had just laid there a moment longer.

The door creaks open again.

I don't hesitate (thinking, here is my chance, I am throwing 'discipline' out the window at the moment - I hope not to pay for this later - to simply love on my daughter) and this time pick her up in my arms and carry her into her room. Standing, I just sway and hug her tight as she lays her head on my shoulder, wraps her flannel pj'ed arms around my neck and rests one leg on each side of baby sister's belly. In between a few sways, I kiss her cheek several times. We don't say anything but instead just embrace. She doesn't pull away and I just hold on longer. Finally after giving her a solid, I-want-you-to-always-know-you-are-protected-and-cared-for-deeply squeeze, I lay her back down in bed and tuck her in for the night.

I love you my darling bentley brooke.