Sunday, July 31, 2011

the Em-ster

Our miss Emery, Ems, Em, "My Emery" (as Bentley so lovingly calls her), Emska, turned 6-months-old last Monday. She is as passionate as ever, with only one volume; loud. She can squeal with delight and in the very next breath let out a demanding cry. Her big sister can captivate her attention, and Bentley's singing most always calms her down. She is intense when she eats, sometimes pulling the spoon into her mouth as you feed her. She has a grip like a vice and somehow manages to move across the living room. (I still have yet to truly discover how she does it. I think it is a combination of flipping around, scooting backward and pulling with her arms.)

She can sit up now and definitely prefers the view. She devours her binky when she sleeps, and enjoys her "bobby" like Bentley did (a little blanket with a stuffed bear head attached, morbid-sounding, yes, but how my children love them!) She pulls it over her head to fall asleep, which means every night, I go and check on her and gently take it off her head. She is a super light sleeper, which is different, because her sister sleeps so soundly, I could go in and clean her entire room while she was napping and she wouldn't even budge. Sometimes Emery is so intent on covering her face to sleep, that I will find her blanket that I wrap around her legs, to be up over head and her legs bare when I go in and check on her. Even when I wrap it super tight, Emery manages some houdini move and I have to take it off her face again - all the while trying not to wake her. If you do wake her, which happens a lot because she is a light sleeper, she greets you with the biggest smile and a courtesy squeal. To which, you must go through the process again and put her back to bed, but not before you can't help but meet her smile with yours, and perhaps blow a kiss too.

I took these 6-month portraits at Big Lake this weekend on our annual Webster/Duffy vacation.

Movin' on up

Here is Miss Emery Anne from one month to six months!

My mother-of-two brain forgot I had already used the background for six months, at five months. oh well!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My next project

I picked it up on the side of the road in Ruston. With a little convincing from Marci, and the lucky bungie cord in my trunk, we brought this lonely treasure home. Oh the color possibilities are endless.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Good day sunshine

The sun is out and the flowers are blooming.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And this is my life...

During dinner: Emery is scream-crying between bites of rice cereal while Bentley starts yelling/singing, "Jesus Loves Me" to calm her down, which doesn't work. I begin to get anxious at all the noise, but then a strange feeling comes over me and I start audibly giggling to myself thinking both gratefully and defeated-ly, "This is my life."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Fourth





Sunday, July 10, 2011

Again I am reminded...

...why I take photos.

Wedding portrait shots after five years of marriage; handmade dress, simple tie, market flowers... finally the way she wanted it in the beginning. I felt the love between my dear friends, justin and bea swell up all over again. A beautiful evening.

To view a few more click here

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a family portrait

Bentley drew a picture of our family last week.

"Daddy with long legs, holding Emery's hand"
"Mommy with a bottom"
(The scribble between my legs is a bottom, and apparently, I'm the only one with one big enough to warrant a scribble.)
"and Bentley"

I suggested she sign her artwork. She grabbed a green crayon and drew a "B"