Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Major Blowout Sale, uh Diaper, of the season!

DISCLAIMER: This post contains graphic content - not for the weak-stomach'ed' (aka Marci ;)

Woah baby! So, Bentley hadn't pooped in oh, like two weeks. So I concocted the favorite pear juice and water combo, put it in a bottle and let Bentley have at it. (She insists on holding the bottle now.) It took a few days, but there came a little poop. But it wasn't until we returned home from our trip to California, that Bentley REALLY took to the pear juice! Just yesterday, she seemed squirmy and after a few long grunts, I thought "hmm, I wonder..." Well, holy nuts! I couldn't even see the inside of the diaper! Up her back and out the sides! I was so glad Drew hadn't left for work yet so I was able to call in back up. Drew was glad she was 'relieved' but she definitely 'destroyed' her PJs and diaper. So below is the happy face of our baby girl that got a nice warm bath after her lovely blowout. I had heard many blowout stories from my friends who are also mothers and I always thought, that hasn't happened to me yet. Well, I have now joined the club!

One happy clean kiddo! oh, and BIZ detergent is amazing just FYI! I am happy to report that her PJs came out clean as a whistle!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I am 5 months today!

I am 5 months today and mommy took my portrait. I love to scream and squeal to let mommy know I like dancing, or playing in my exersaucer, or her singing to me. I also like to scream and squeal when I don't like something. I don't think mommy always knows whether I am happy or want a change.

My favorite moments are our daily dance parties. Mommy sways me to the music in front of the music box [radio] and I stare and stare at it while I kick my legs and flail my arms extended like an airplane. I especially like the Beatles and got really excited when the Beatles, "Sgt. Pepper" came on.

On my exersaucer, I can stand up, kick my legs and play with these little bears that look like gummy bears that go up and down a pole. Then I look down for a moment and can't look away! Mommy got a little worried the first time when I stood there with my head down for awhile. She then realized I was looking at my reflection in the mirror on my exersaucer.

Mommy and Daddy have introduced me to a lot of their friends. I like to stare them down, amiably of course, but I usually win. I like people, especially faces. They like it when I smile. I do it a lot. Really big too, and then I get shy and nestle into mommy or daddy.