Wednesday, July 28, 2010

early birthday gift...

...a picnic table. Bentley's cheese face says she approves.

Monday, July 26, 2010

escape artist.

Drew and our friend Paul are working on our fence outside right now. So when I heard a loud, "thunk" I didn't think anything of it. Until... I heard the crying that came a moment after. I went in Bentley's room and sure enough found her on the floor out of her crib, impressively with Bobby in tow (her bunny). We rubbed out the owies and sang a couple songs and went back to bed.

I think it was "traumatizing" enough that there won't be a repeat.

we'll see.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

fresh dah-per

While Drew and I were talking in the dining room and Bentley approached both of us with several of her diapers saying "fresh diaper" and then "change" while making a motion toward her 'area'. Drew asked if she needed to be changed and she said "baby". He goes in her room to find several diapers on the floor with baby Pasha (as she named her) along with a few wipes. I follow with camera in tow.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

visitor on the windowsill

After Bentley and I ran a few errands, we came home to find this lovely visitor on our windowsill. I forced myself to get closer, not just with my camera, but with the quarter to be able to show you his size (Aren't you proud of me honey!). Now, if you're not from good ole Western Washington, this may be unimpressive to you, however, if you are from here, this too would be an anomaly on your front porch.

Bentley was very excited about the find, however, this is about as close as she got. She pointed and kept saying "I a touch" ("I want to touch") but when I made a motion toward the beetle and said "Go ahead," she folded her arms and said, "Scared."

the heartbeat

I went in for another baby appt. Tuesday. Each visit they routinely check my vitals as well as the baby. At last she reminded me that I get to hear the heartbeat again and was secretly excited as she got out the mini ultrasound wand. The search began. No heartbeat to be found. A few minutes later still and I was fine. A little more intense listening and probing with the wand to the point of pain and I started to get concerned, but still held my emotions at bay. My midwife did not let on any concern yet and kept searching moving it this way and that and pushing down. Eventually, she decided to go check and see if the larger ultrasound machine technician was available just to "make sure everything is ok."

During this time I was alone. I wasn't sure if I even had the company of my new growing baby. I texted Drew as I waited not wanting to call him in case the tears came. I simply said, "Trying to find the heartbeat, please pray." I don't even know if I said "I love you" in the message.

A few long minutes later she came back with a "different type of ultrasound piece of technology" I will call it here on the blog. A moment later, a beautiful relieving sound: the heartbeat. I smiled as though I knew everything was fine. However, the truth was, my thoughts ran like this... 'maybe this is why I haven't been as attached to this pregnancy' or ' ok, Lord, I know you are over this' or 'It's because I have eaten too many McDonald's fries and have not been taking my prenatal vitamins' or 'I shouldn't have been shooting all these weddings' or 'I shouldn't be picking up Bentley'... on and on.

I thanked her and left. Texted Drew as soon as I got in the car. Then grateful, joyful tears came. I realized it is so hard to have such little control over something of such magnitude. But then I thought, how better is it then, for a perfect God to be in control than an imperfect me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bentley loves singing the ABCs

Whenever Bentley sees letters anywhere, whether it be a sign in a grocery store, or on the side of a van as we are driving, the find must be accompanied by an emphatic round (or several) of the ABCs.



chalk drawings

tea parties

and dancing with bobby.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle

"winkle winkle little star... how I wonder what you are... up up bove the world so high... like a damond in the sky..."

I am enjoying the bedtime serenade while editing photos.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I have been Blogger MIA

As you read the following reasons, see if you can guess the Number 1 Reason.

Reason #10:
I just want to sleep

Reason #9:
I shot four weddings and three portrait shoots in the last two weeks.

Reason #8:
Just opening the fridge or pantry door makes me dry-heave.

Reason #7:
All I want to eat or drink are chai tea frappucinos, watermelon, french fries and peanut butter pancakes (I had 7 just today already).

Reason #6:
Tricycles, sidewalk chalk-art, the Madeline book, bowls and spoons as drums and drumsticks have been taking up more of my time.

Reason #5:
I cannot watch meat cooking, nor eat it, nor even think about it. (Just typing this makes me reach for the garbage can.)

Reason #4:
I just want more watermelon

Reason #3:
Every slightly tender or sad moment either fiction or non-fiction deserves my entire stash of saltwater from my tear ducts.

Reason #2:
My husband is the most patient and caring man despite my lack of doing laundry or even rinsing out a dish.

and Badadada.... the Number One Reason is....


Here is a photo of our little kumquat taken at almost 10 weeks. I will be 12 weeks this Thursday. (For those that are not familiar with ultrasounds, his/her head is on the right with chin tucked down and the thing sticking up on the left is not a foot, but the umbilical cord)

He/She kept waving their little hand at us through the ultrasound. It was spectacular and reminded me of why I felt so nauseated and awful these last several weeks. But oh so worth it!