Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our Little Crocodile

Bentley has been taking ballet lessons for the last year.  In their little winter recital, she was willing to go on stage, but didn't do much dancing (contrary to her many uninhibited moves at home), so when it came time for the big Metro Parks production of Peter Pan with Bentley as a crocodile, we weren't sure how she would do, but wanted to give her the chance.

I also wanted to make sure that I cared for her little heart more than I cared to see her actually dance with her friends on stage.

Dress rehearsals looked something like this.

Drew and his mom took Bentley to the first of two performances last Friday night.  Despite her smiles prior, she would not dance, but instead was willing to come out with a fellow instructor with her bobby in tow and actually fell to tears during the bows.   Our friends, the Chamberlains, gave her some beautiful pink gladiolas after that first performance anyway, a beautiful picture of grace.

The second and last performance, my mom and I and friend, Kathy took Bentley.  As the crocodiles came out on cue, I was shocked to see my darling, blonde, hair-bunned girl take the stage with such confidence!  I was quite the proud mommy. I immediately texted Drew during intermission and said, "She did it!!!!!"

Bentley was beaming when we saw her after the performance.  She received more flowers and many hugs.  We even took a moment to visit Great Nana afterwards.  In the car on the way there, Bentley's little voice said sincerely and unprompted from the back seat, "I love Great Nana." Great Nana met us in the waiting room and as we turned the corner and Bentley saw her, her little green tutu bobbed up and down as she ran to give her a big crocodile hug and share some of her flowers with her. She loves her Great Nana.  Completely at home with Great Nana, Bentley proceeded to show her several of her most beautiful ballet moves and of course her crocodile roar.  Great Nana's fellow residents also enjoyed the impromptu show.

Here is our little crocodile performing her heart out...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mother's Day Webster-family-style

Every Mother's Day for the last four years, we have spent the morning at a local nursery picking out perennials and annuals for our gardens.  I love that both of my mothers (my mother-in-law and my mother) are a part of this tradition.  I smile looking at my garden and seeing the plants that have taken root from Mother's Day outings in the past.  It is also pretty apropos that each of my daughter's trees to mark their births were chosen  here; on Mother's Day.

 Our pink variegated Shirazz Japanese Maple for our new Baby Girl Webster.  We finally picked a tree out, but have yet to choose a name :)

And here is Bentley with a jar of ladybugs that we released that night on our Euphorbia that was overrun with aphids.

date with daddy

Emery got to go on her very own date with daddy several weeks ago.  And where to?  None other than a perfect place to do her favorite thing; climb.  So Drew whisked her away for a daddy-daughter date at the Children's Museum.