Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the Christmas tree star

"When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy."  -Matthew 2:10

We have not had a star for our tree the last few years. Bentley was very excited to help make one. She picked out the fabric and even the trim. She cut out one of the fabric stars and I cut the other. I sewed them together and Bentley helped stuff it.  When daddy got home, he and our friend Katie helped Bentley tie it to the top of our tree.

We now have an official Webster Family Christmas Tree Star.

Monday, December 12, 2011

the christmas story

A darling narration of the Christmas Story... Bentley loves this video.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Electric Feel

Our little dancers are at it again.  This video is actually from the summer, it just took me forever to actually post.  Emery is only about 5 months in it, now she is 10 months!

Sixteen Going on Seventeen

Bentley often acts out songs from the Sound of Music on her own.  This particular one is a favorite of hers.  At one point she runs behind her dollhouse, she is getting"out of the rain" like they do in the gazebo in the movie.  Then the part where she runs towards the camera, she is tickling me like a spider on the verse where they say "scared."  Whenever she watches the movie, she pays special attention to these acting nuances and incorporates them into her acts.  I don't teach her any of this, the moves are her own creation!  ha.

Note: excuse the camera work, I am still trying to get used to the video portion of my camera.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the little princess

About one month ago now, Bentley asked me one Saturday morning to put on my "married dress" as she calls it.  I nearly declined, but thought, "Goodness, why not?  I really don't have anything else to do right now." So I obliged, veil and all.

Her face lit-up and she immediately directed daddy to dance with me.  He swept me around the floor and she directed us again saying, "Daddy kiss mommy like this," as she tilts her head to one side. Drew one-upped her, dipped me and THEN planted a kiss "like this" on me.

I asked Bentley if she wanted to try on my wedding dress.
She said, "It too fit me."
I said, "You think it's too big for you?"
"I bet I can make it work."

We went into the bedroom and as I stepped out of the puff of creamy raw silk, I picked Bentley up and set her inside, tying her up with the clothes hanger strings.  I told Drew to get the camera ready and I helped walk her out to see Daddy and plant her in front of the mirror.

Drew immediately took pictures and then his eyes welled up.  He sincerely couldn't take it.  He walked into the kitchen and said through a few tears, "I just lost about 20 years in 2 seconds."

Drew came out and Bentley stared at him admiringly and said, "Daddy dance with me?"  Then I nearly lost it as he picked her up, a ball of cream puff fabric and danced around the dining room.

It was a beautiful, spontaneous, precious morning.

She insisted on trying on my ring too.