Saturday, November 24, 2012


This was the first Thanksgiving I have ever been able to spend with my grandparents.  And they are 90-years-old.  Ok, well not completely true, apparently MY very first Thanksgiving, I spent with them. I was just about 8-weeks-old, but I doubt I was actually partaking of any turkey. It seemed apropos that I also cook my first turkey this year.

I am still riding joy from that meal.  It was perfect.  The preparation with my husband the day of Thanksgiving was perfect. The turkey was perfect.  Cleaning potatoes alongside Bentley was perfect. The company was perfect (ok, near perfect - we missed my brother!). I sincerely felt joy the whole day.  The girls were a joy; endlessly entertaining us with their dancing and singing to Christmas music after dinner.

I am thankful for that Thanksgiving day.

(Google is not letting me post pictures on my blog anymore because I have used all the space! So here is a link to our Thanksgiving photos.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Emery Story

Emery put a little toy princess in her playdough oven just now, closed the door and said, "hiding." Then she covered her eyes with her hands and started counting, "1,2,3,4..."

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Princesses on Ice

My mom and I took two of my three princesses, decked out in their matching tutus, to see Disney on Ice today. I was telling a friend just a moment ago that I always get teary-eyed when I share things with my children that I did as a little girl... It reminds me how magical it felt for me and I love that I get to share in their experiencing it...

Disney never ceases to impress... from two people ice-skating from inside a Maximus the horse costume, to bigger than life characters (like Cinderella's mice, Rapunzel's "ruffians" and Louis the crocodile from the Frog Princess), to tremendous ice skating lifts, twirls, and even acrobatics in Rapunzel's hair; all while wearing ice skates!  My mom and I were both in awe of the detail that went into each costume. We also had wonderful seats.  All the "up-close" photos below are how close we actually viewed the performance! (There are a few further away shots where I busted out my super wide angle lens to capture everything.) 

The very end of the performance included a surprise floating lantern display as well as entrances by ALL the Disney princesses!  Before we left for the show, I was telling Emery who would be there... Princess Tiana, Cinderella and Rapunzel... then she looked at me and said, "Belle?"  I said, "No, Belle won't be there."  Little did I know she would make an appearance at the end!  Emery was very excited.

A wonderful evening with my princesses and the Queen ;)