Sunday, June 21, 2009

Drew's First Official Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day first by attending our church gathering this morning. One of our elders, Jeff, spoke about God as our father and He is the only perfect father. Our father's will fail us, and we, as father's will always fall short. Through this we can see God's grace acting as the perfect father. Drew's parents came over and brought a pot roast and I cooked up some soap-covered asparagus. (Drew was in mid-cleaning of the dishes and I thought they were done, so I used the steamer for the asparagus - whoops.) We played Pinocle (a Webster family game tradition where we typically play 'boys' vs. 'girls') and ahem, the girls won, sorry fathers ;)

To top off the evening, we gave Bentley a bath and as we sat her up next to the tub just before we were going to put her in, she surprised us by peeing standing up! A final lovely father's day gift to her dad.

Here she is post-bath with her freshly towel-dried do.

(Too bad this one is slightly blurry, it is my favorite)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bentley likes to 'Walk'

Bentley is really enjoying holding our hands and walking around the house. Her favorite: Walking from the living room through the dining room through the kitchen, through our back room to the stairs so she can climb up them. In this video, Drew is walking outside with her. You also hear the sounds of summer: the ice cream truck. It frequents our street. Oh what I would give for a Drumstick right now.

Our neighbor kid Cameron ran out to get an ice cream sandwich and the ice cream man gave Drew a free popsicle for Bentley. She has never had sugar before, so Drew let her have a few licks. It was quite cold, she kept switching it between hands. The popsicle was shaped like two crayons attached together. So Drew split it with Bentley.

Bentley is "SO Big"

Last weekend, my mom, Bentley's Grandma Diane, taught Bentley how to do "So Big".

Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm 10 months today!

Bentley is no longer in single digit months ...and just two months shy of being one year old! Enjoy the portraits!