Wednesday, June 9, 2010

welcoming Spring by watering our little garden

A dear friend gave me a Scarlet Runner Bean plant after I took family portraits for them. And then another dear friend gave us two Tomatillo plants to add to our little backyard planter garden. While I had much bigger dreams about a backyard vegetable garden, I think we will have to wait until next year. However we are enjoying this little starter corner garden until then.

I love this new watering rhythm and inviting Bentley along to tend to and steward these new plants with me. Just today the rain poured for a moment and I told Bentley that God was helping us water the plants and making them beautiful and she said, "yes" and we thanked God.

Sidenote: The watering can you see Bentley using is one that I purchased when I was pregnant with her but before I knew what we were having. I secretly wanted a girl, but didn't want to tell anyone. And in case we were having a boy at the time, I didn't want my heart to be sad if it wasn't a girl. Anyway, I had a moment in Fred Meyer where I just felt teary-eyed and thought of moments of watering the garden with my daughter someday... so in my pregnant-emotional state, I bought this watering can.