Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What happens when daddy stays home to "babysit"...

After coming back from being out for a few hours, I walked into our home to find Bentley with a mohawk enjoying a pool party in the sink courtesy of daddy. Drew, wanting to document this historical experience captured it all on video for your enjoyment (I edited it slightly for length.)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Foley Family Reunion

We spent Saturday with Drew's mom's side of the family, the Foleys. It is the first time in about 10 years since they have all been together. I took family photos of everyone as well as one big 'historical' group photo! Drew's Aunt Pat got Bentley and her little cousin Emme birthday cakes since they are about to celebrate their first birthday's just a week apart. Bentley wasn't too sure about the cake, but finally got into it. Emme clapped while everyone sang, but Bentley looked at them bewildered. To see all of the photos, click here: Foley Family Reunion.

Friday, July 24, 2009

First Steps, Pesto and Leavenworth Weddings

Bentley took her first steps this last weekend when she was with her grandparents (Grandma Kelly and Grandpa Cliff) and Drew and I were in Leavenworth so I could shoot a wedding. (I started uploading shots of the wedding, feel free to check them out here: David & Marie Wedding ) When Drew and I went to pick her up from their home, she even demonstrated her new skills in front of us by taking a few steps between us! It has been very exciting. She is also starting to practice standing up from sitting and crawling. It is amazing to watch.

While Bentley was taking her first steps, here are a few photos of Drew and me, and our friends, Sam and Pete in Leavenworth this last weekend. (Sam helped shoot the wedding with me and did a phenomenal job!)

After shooting the wedding, we had to take our own jumping shot.

The creepy mural of kids across the parking lot from our hotel.

ah, the infamous hat shop and Drew's uniform for his part time job at 'Burger World'

Just the other day I gave Bentley some toast with pesto spread, and she loved it. Her face says it all.

Friday, July 10, 2009

a true Webster...

When Drew and I first met, he informed me that his family said I had two flaws, one, that I don't like beer and two, like I don't like pickles. Drew's dad, Cliff, along with friends have an annual pickle party ("Dillapalooza"). While I don't like pickles, on a whim today I thought I would see if Bentley liked her Grandpa Cliff's Pickles. I cut a few into small pieces, which she quickly devoured, so I decided to just give her a whole pickle.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bentley plays the shadow game - but I'm the shadow

Bentley and I were sitting down for lunch and I just started copying her head bob. This turned into a riotous shadow game where Bentley would watch to see if I was copying her. I have never heard her hard giggle before until this funny game. There is one moment early on in the video where you can hear her deep uncontrollable chuckle. Imagine this several times over and longer, and that is what took place before I finally got out the video camera, hoping to capture it again. A couple of notes as you watch. Whenever Bentley plays with my wedding ring, I always tell her "Dada gave this to me" and then whenever she eats YoBaby yogurt, we always point to where the baby is on the container. She likes to point to babies too in her books or my magazines. At the end of the video she bites her own finger, I just had to leave it in the video. If you can't stand to see her cry, just watch the beginning of this video again :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What the Websters have been up to...

Uncle Josh goes Skydiving - Don't tell mom!
June 12

Bentley and I drove up to Snohomish to watch Josh skydive with friends. I put Bentley in her backpack as we stared at the sky waiting for Josh to 'float' down. Josh and his tandem instructor called out "Bentley!" from the sky - it was sweet. We didn't tell mom that Josh went skydiving until we got home and he was safe :)

A Date night to Remember...
June 20

About three weeks ago now, Drew and I and two of our friends (another couple) entertained ourselves with a unique date night. It boiled down to this: $10 at Bargain World, buying outfits for each other (I picked out Kathy's and vice versa and Drew picked out Alex's and vice versa), the vast greatness of the Tacoma landscape and my self timer and tripod. Here were the results:

Week with Cousin Aya (and Jill :)
June 22

Drew's cousin Jill came to Tacoma for a week with her daughter and we went to the Zoo twice, had a steak dinner to celebrate a belated Father's Day, a couple play dates and a end of week photo shoot. Here is our time in photos:

Taste of Tacoma
June 28

I went to the Taste of Tacoma with my mom and Bentley one of the days and Bentley had amazing time dancing to the music while mom and I ate our traditional yearly Piroshky. The next day, I went with Drew and our neighbors/friends Mike and Brandy. We had a night of good food, music and wine tasting. Despite it being crazy close to Bentley's bedtime, she did so well! and nearly crashed out in her stroller (previously unheard of!)

Bentley was covered in Goat cheese (part of her dinner)

An Off-Roading 4th of July
July 4

We packed up the baby girl and drove to Coos Bay, Oregon to join Vanessa, Chris and Simon and Chris's parents for a weekend of s'mores, 4-wheeling on Sand Dunes, relaxing in the jacuzzi, rousing games of Hearts and Apples to Apples hilarity. Adding to the joy was Bentley peeing directly on me, (stream visible and everything). But oh I still love that baby girl so much. She had a blast with Simon in the jacuzzi 'swimming' and floating around. What could be better than a big huge bathtub?