Saturday, November 24, 2012


This was the first Thanksgiving I have ever been able to spend with my grandparents.  And they are 90-years-old.  Ok, well not completely true, apparently MY very first Thanksgiving, I spent with them. I was just about 8-weeks-old, but I doubt I was actually partaking of any turkey. It seemed apropos that I also cook my first turkey this year.

I am still riding joy from that meal.  It was perfect.  The preparation with my husband the day of Thanksgiving was perfect. The turkey was perfect.  Cleaning potatoes alongside Bentley was perfect. The company was perfect (ok, near perfect - we missed my brother!). I sincerely felt joy the whole day.  The girls were a joy; endlessly entertaining us with their dancing and singing to Christmas music after dinner.

I am thankful for that Thanksgiving day.

(Google is not letting me post pictures on my blog anymore because I have used all the space! So here is a link to our Thanksgiving photos.)

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marcalicious said...

i'm soooo happy for you and glad that you had a great t-day!!!!